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Welcome to BIG and HAPPY Noldorin Family Store!

The family is closed for new members.
Please +watch us instead!

Where we feed and grow on love. :heart:

The group is dedicated to those who are members of the Noldorin "Icon" Family made by kittykatkanie. We are roleplaying as the character of the icon (Warning: totally out of character).

But fear not if you're not part of the family!
If you're interested in watching us having our lembas crack moments, feel free to watch!

:new: Please read the gallery rules before you submit any works!




Enjoy the stay!

Rules for the family
Those days where we hate each other is OVER.
If you break this rule, you will be sent and locked up in the Halls of Mandos for rest of days.

Gallery Folders

Family UNITS Owner Manuals
Family Fanfics
Finrod's Wedding
deviation in storage by LadyBrookeCelebwen










Dearest family (and friends, if those of you who aren’t related by blood to us haven’t fled yet),

Guess what? It’s time for Anonymous Annatar again! More than that, this is our fourth year doing it! Time flies, doesn’t it? :D I’m super excited about this fact, as those of you who have interacted with me in the months leading up to this know.

So, after last year’s scolding, we all now know that presents are important, so let’s get onto the business of exchanging them! Same rules apply as the last few years:

1. Keep your requests reasonable, so that the obsessive among us don’t look themselves into a workshop for years (where did you think Uncle Fëanor was for a couple months the first winter after Celebrimbor was born?!)

2. You can start posting gifts on December 24th, and they all need to be posted by 11:59 pm on December 31st. I’ll start hunting you all down and making you all sing carols to the Vanyar again if you don’t. And we all know how that went last time – those of you still banned from singing around the Vanyar under penalty of jail time will have an alternate punishment.

Let me know if those dates don’t work for you, we’ll figure out alternate plan.

Sign ups start when this is posted, and go until November 29th – I’m going to try and get assignments out on the 30th. If I don’t, it’ll be on December 2nd. So post your letter to Annatar in the comments.

Sorry for the slightly confusing schedule, I’m presenting my research on December 1st, so we’ll see how that goes (So if assignments come out with random mutterings about research articles, you know how I am – just look at the socks! And will somebody remember to check on the socks if I go missing?)


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