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Welcome to BIG and HAPPY Noldorin Family Store!

The family is closed for new members.
Please +watch us instead!

Where we feed and grow on love. :heart:

The group is dedicated to those who are members of the Noldorin "Icon" Family made by kittykatkanie. We are roleplaying as the character of the icon (Warning: totally out of character).

But fear not if you're not part of the family!
If you're interested in watching us having our lembas crack moments, feel free to watch!

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Enjoy the stay!

Rules for the family
Those days where we hate each other is OVER.
If you break this rule, you will be sent and locked up in the Halls of Mandos for rest of days.

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Hi Everyone!

So it’s that time of year again. Once more, dear old Annatar has to do penance for everything he did wrong during those long years and all that nasty business with that ring (and yes, we do all know that it was so much duller looking than the shiny objects that Uncle Fëanor and dear Celebrimbor made). And no, I don’t know why Eru thought that the correct punishment was to send him to break into people’s houses.

This also means it’s time for our annual Anonymous Annatar exchange! Which means that we also have to go over all those serious guidelines that we need to follow, or else we risk repeating the grand winter incident of Fourth Age 347. And we all know that we don’t want a repeat of certain family members giving into despair at the idea that they weren’t loved and trying to drown themselves in the sea. Especially since the ‘sea’ was actually Olwë’s bathtub, and I don’t think he’s forgiven certain members for their desperate rescue attempt that broke the handles off the hot water tap.

So guidelines:

Sign ups open: Now!
If you want to sign up, put a comment under here, complete with your letter to Annatar about what you want. Please keep all your requests reasonably flexible and brief.

Sign up close: December 2nd (Though I’m not going to be horribly picky if it’s 12:01 am December 3rd wherever in the world you are and you sign up. Just sign up so that assignments can be done the afternoon December 3rd.)

Gifts can be posted starting December 24th. All gifts due December 31st. If it gets to be 2014 and gifts aren’t posted, I get to chase you all around and repeat the events of Fifth Age 121.

Do we all remember that? Or are the rest of you still claiming that the trauma was too great, and that nobody wants to be forcibly dressed up, chained up, and taken to perform for small tiny children who want to hug people? Because really, I thought it was quite sweet. Especially when that little kid got her hands all sticky and then touched Celegorm’s hair. It was even more sweet when the rest of you saw his hair get pulled out and ran, generously leaving all your belongings behind for those tiny, unfortunate children who deserved nothing but love and affection (and items to sell on the black market).

Everything else works like it has the last two years.

Ending the ramblings now,
Your loving relative,
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